Customs clearance

At the AUTOLOGISTICS terminal there are:

  • Pikinsky customs post, Central Excise Customs
  • Leningradsky customs post, Moscow Regional Customs

We provide customs clearance and processing services for excisable and non-excisable goods—automobiles, parts, perishable goods (meat, vegetables, fruits, flowers) and other industrial goods.

Thanks to our status as a Federal Customs Broker, we have the necessary resources and knowledge to properly organize customs clearance procedures. With our years of experience, we know the best way to solve any possible issues and can help with any customs legislation questions.

For individuals, we provide services for the clearance of personal vehicles, trailers and motorcycles.

We assist individuals and legal entities clear customs for vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and other equipment purchased in countries of the Customs Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia).

Partner with us if you need professional management of the entire customs clearance process.

Contact person for customs clearance services: Abduragim Omarov – tel. +7 (495) 730-4487 ext. 4340


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