Our certified service station specialists quickly and efficiently provide:

  • Warranty and post-warranty service, vehicle repair
  • Computer engine diagnostics
  • Routine and complete overhaul of engines, gearboxes and drive axle reducers
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of refrigeration and heating installations
  • Diagnostics and repair of refrigeration and heating installations
  • Electrical work on vehicles and semi-trailers
  • Diagnostics and repair of braking systems equipped with ABS and EBS
  • Adjustment of convergence of steered wheels
  • Installation of additional equipment: alarms, radio sets, vehicle radios, navigators
  • Tire fitting and wheel balancing
  • Conditioner refill
  • Checking the braking force of vehicles and trailers on a roller stand
  • Diagnostics and repair of power steering
  • Alignment of axles on trailers
  • Modern car wash using the most advanced cleaning tools
  • Restoring the dimensions of the cab, frame, body
  • The whole range of original parts for KAMAZ trucks, as well as trailer equipment with BPW, SAF and ROR axles
  • Repair of autonomous heaters
  • Repair and diagnostics of Wabco pneumatic systems
  • Tachograph installation
  • Tachograph verification (calibration)
  • Repair and maintenance of tachographs
  • Maintenance, warranty and post-warranty repair of Schmitz trailers
  • Our service station is certified according to KAMAZ standards
  • Work is priced according to KAMAZ time standards


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